I have spent two days trying to get online with WordPress. Yesterday the site told me that I did not exist—not my password or email. Yet here I am. I have no idea what happened. Am I back? Fingers crossed. Yesterday I finished seaming three woven panels together. The yarn up above is on its [...]



There was fog and some low clouds in the coast when we went out just after 6 this morning. We walked north, as we usually do, picking up trash and hoping for beach glass. I found three pieces in three colors, but my husband had no such luck and thought he would be skunked again. [...]

“Father, Son, and the Holy Spigot”

Dr. Salk developed the polio vaccine. My title is a line from Four Weddings and a Funeral, otherwise notable for the use of an elegy by W. H. Auden, listed as "Funeral Blues" but also known as "Stop All the Clocks." It is a poem of friendship and devotion and love. But I mean to [...]