From The New York Times: "According to the memo, officials laid out a “multipronged rationale” for spying on Mr. Page, including his past interactions with Russian spies, and informed the court of a counterintelligence investigation then underway into the Kremlin’s covert influence campaign. "Mr. Page, a former investment banker based in Moscow, had been on … Continue reading COLLUSION


"Better to be on meds than dead." The psychiatrist was talking about a mutual friend she believed was being improperly medicated. He was depressed and not feeling "right" on his medication, but the alternative was not to be considered. Without medication he was suicidal. The Lancet has published a review of research concerning antidepressants, a meta-analysis, … Continue reading TREATING DEPRESSION


From yesterday's The New York Times "11 of the Most Dramatic Moments in a Day of Confrontation Over Guns": ‘What is your definition of a well-regulated militia?’ At an intense town hall-style meeting Wednesday night, Diane Wolk Rogers, a history teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., confronted a spokeswoman for the National Rifle … Continue reading “WELL REGULATED”


This morning on the news was a story about bullet proof backpacks. What children will be wearing this next fall? Publisher's Lunch is an industry publication that sends out a daily condensed report for free. Right at the top is an overview of recent sales of manuscripts, categorized by genre and target audience. This morning, under … Continue reading BULLET PROOF BACKPACKS

E-MARE-GENCY: Everybody to get from street!

The Russian Are Coming, the Russian Are Coming. And these are not the nice ones from that movie who only wanted to return home safely. These Russians had an agenda, false identities, and they saw success. The Russians were here, not only on Facebook and posting lunatic comments almost like Americans, but in person, on … Continue reading E-MARE-GENCY: Everybody to get from street!