A story I am particularly proud of is "shortlisted"—that is, the editors told me they liked it and wanted to hold it longer—with a paying online journal. This particular story had been shortlisted three times before, each time by a journal that pays professional rates and does not allow simultaneous submissions. As a result it … Continue reading SHORTLISTED update: ACCEPTED!


My query-letter pitch: Imperfect Patience*, a literary novel of about 76k words, follows a woman’s odyssey beyond grief. It is a novel of love overwhelming adversity. Thena Justice was building a new life near Seattle after the death of her mother and breakup of a terrible marriage when her former husband murders the neighbor-babysitter and … Continue reading MY NOVEL


The process of sending written work—stories, essays, poems—to editors and agents who represent authors' work is called "submission." Just now, I am submitting a complete novel. The novel concerns a women who marries unwisely, suffers mightily, and must find a way to remake her life. It might sound like a metaphor for my writing life. … Continue reading HOW TO REVISE