It was raining in Portland. Kids were dancing. The music was fine.

Today is a big day. Sand Castle Day happened in Cannon Beach and Rose Festival in Portland. It was also World Wide Knit in Public Day, so I took my knitting along with me to the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Oaks Park. We’d gone to the Scandinavian Festival closer to home, but this was our first time to the one in Oaks Park. The skies poured rain down on us and the traffic was terrible on the way over, but we found the venue without getting lost. I wore my pussy hat to keep my head warm and a huge sport top I borrowed from my son Alan almost 20 years ago and never returned.

It was a wet day, but I finished my swatch for . . . something. I have 7 skeins of a lovely tweedy-painted violet and blue Koigu merino 2-ply and a matching extra fine, silk-and-mohair lace-weight, which is also from Canada. I think I bought them to knit a sweater.

When I got home, the sun was shining, I blocked the gauge swatch, and now I suppose I will have to write up a pattern and actually knit a garment.

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