I have spent two days trying to get online with WordPress. Yesterday the site told me that I did not exist—not my password or email.

Yet here I am.

I have no idea what happened.

Am I back? Fingers crossed.

Yesterday I finished seaming three woven panels together. The yarn up above is on its way to being something later this summer. I cleared off my work table and folded the leaves back in. Gary is preparing for the garage sale we plan for next Friday. Lots of Christmas ornaments and other lovely vintage and antique items.

I have ordered a desk, which Gary has been nudging me to buy for months. I had saved more than half the cost and perhaps the garage sale will allow me to pay it off.

There were 200 yards of sand at the end of our walk. We found 26 bits of sea glass. On our way home from the long walk, a woman asked Gary if his trash bag had oysters in it. Oysters? No. Beach trash and a strange rock—oysters do not grow on our shore. They like a sheltered environment, a bay or cove. We have mussels and razor clams. Just now the Dungeness crabs have been molting and the little sand crabs (seagull eat them) are laying eggs.

The horizon is still misty after 10am.


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