The rape scene is explicit. I taught The Bluest Eye for 25 years. It is an extraordinary novel told from multiple perspectives. A little girl is ruined, driven insane and lost. The language is stunning, beautiful, masterful. I introduced the novel with an early event where a narrator describes being sick and feeling her … Continue reading VIOLATION

PARING DOWN and going out

In our continuing effort to tidy the house, I am following an online series of articles on how to edit and tidy my home. Fifteen days of advice on how to eliminate clutter, and basically sort "stuff" into giveaway, toss, and keep-but-put-away. The process began by suggesting that I have a "monster pile" someplace in … Continue reading PARING DOWN and going out


I fell hard yesterday. I was doing something stupid, trotting backwards as I tried to photograph my husband and a seastack and he kept walking right out of my frame. (If he knows he's being photographed, he mugs or frowns. Photos of Gary smiling are pretty rare.) So I was backing up to keep Gary … Continue reading HELP, I’VE FALLEN BUT I GOT BACK UP


Linking to an article about "lawnmower parents" triggered an interesting discussion on my Facebook page. Some were defensive about "rescuing" or failing to "rescue" children. Others pointed out that some children genuinely need more guidance than others due to disabilities and disadvantages that may not even be visible. As a private and public school teacher, … Continue reading PURSUIT OF FLYING


Last year a student argued that black people were not being unfairly targeted by police because unarmed white people had been killed by police too. Entirely absent from the student's research was some simple math which would have revealed, that yes, it's true Whites as well as Blacks are killed, but black people are disproportionately … Continue reading USE YOUR WORDS