The rape scene is explicit. I taught The Bluest Eye for 25 years. It is an extraordinary novel told from multiple perspectives. A little girl is ruined, driven insane and lost. The language is stunning, beautiful, masterful. I introduced the novel with an early event where a narrator describes being sick and feeling her [...]

PARING DOWN and going out

In our continuing effort to tidy the house, I am following an online series of articles on how to edit and tidy my home. Fifteen days of advice on how to eliminate clutter, and basically sort "stuff" into giveaway, toss, and keep-but-put-away. The process began by suggesting that I have a "monster pile" someplace in [...]


I have a brief creative nonfiction essay in issue 59 of Dinty Moore's Brevity. All the work there is nonfiction and very short (under 750 words). My true story, "A Murder of Crows," recounts an event from some years ago at a local summer camp. This journal's website has been a valuable resource for my [...]


I fell hard yesterday. I was doing something stupid, trotting backwards as I tried to photograph my husband and a seastack and he kept walking right out of my frame. (If he knows he's being photographed, he mugs or frowns. Photos of Gary smiling are pretty rare.) So I was backing up to keep Gary [...]