When I throw an email away, it goes in Trash, but my system also selects what it understands I do not want to see and puts it in another folder as Junk. Junk never appears in my Inbox. Periodically, I review the emails in that Junk folder, just in case something is misdirected. What I find includes distressingly numerous sex ads, invitations to enlarge my penis, queries about whether I am my email address (“Is this xxxx.xxx?), and links to places I do not want to go. Rarely, I find an email from a website that I have recently been tossing without reading. I think my favorite Junk emails are the ones that allow me to “unsubscribe by clicking the link below.”

Uh-huh. That would be dim of me.

A reminder of one of the key warnings everyone receives upon accessing the internet: Do not click on links unless you are certain, absolutely certain, where it will take you.

Even the legitimate “unsubscribe” links at the bottoms of emails you once thought you wanted to receive and no longer want to receive, sometimes refuse to do what you have asked. After I unsubscribed from Subaru USA, I continued to receive emails from that national site, and also the regional site, the local dealership, and the Tump-supporter who sold me the car. I unsubscribed from each of them, several times each, and they still went on for weeks. I finally wrote snarky notes to two sources. They did not stop. Then I wrote to the dealership and said I would give them a lousy rating if they did not stop. They did.

Immediately after the last presidential election I began receiving emails from that man in the White House. Eventually, after I repeatedly asked, they stopped. Isn’t it enough that he appears more often at the top of my news feed from The Washington Post AND The New York Times?

The other day, when I was supposed to be getting a test National Alert message, I received an email from the woman currently married to man in the White House. Trust me, I never asked for this. I am hoping that will be a one-off.

In the event of a national emergency (aren’t we already having one?), my phone is not smart enough to receive it.

Just as well.

And now to go watch the new Dr. Who.





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