I have worried about my weight since I was 13 years old and weighed 117 pounds. All my girlfriends felt, as I did, that we should lose weight. I was thin. I did not understand that. I still receive the message that I should lose weight. More often I am told I should not worry [...]


If writers have a responsibility for how they narrate the world, certainly readers have a responsibility for what they consume and from whom.—Roxane Gay  It is noteworthy to me that Gay takes the writer's responsibility for granted. I am interested in the writer reading his or her own work and the responsibility that carries when [...]


We have been enjoying the BBC production of Victoria. At the same time, I am mystified by Americans' obsession with royalty. The radical Chartist Movement is featured in the current Victoria series. It is well to appreciate that what these people asked for should not sound radical to Americans. They were asking for what seems [...]


The Gillette commercial announces the company's revised motto: Instead of "The best a man can get" they urge men to be the best they can be. The response from a narrow group of men has been nearly hysterical. They accuse the commercial of everything from unrealistic to emasculating. Most people I know, including men, including men actively [...]