Camp NaNo day 12: BUSY @ HOMEandAWAY


Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 17,155 as of 8am on Friday

EMD word count has three more “resting” days at 74,883

I have considered that if I ever publish something and need “work clothing” to wear to a reading I already have perfectly serviceable items that are not getting much (or any) use these days. A friend then pointed out that I might need such clothing for a lunch in the city. Truthfully, I was never one of those ladies-who-lunch. What I have in my closet will cover me for a few years. What I need is new walking shoes. 

An apple crisp went into the oven and we gathered all the cedar scraps from the front yard—Gary did most of that while I started cutting up apples. 

And I need another story. But then I have a fragment to work on. Maybe that one. Maybe today after I finish the final draft of my book review. 

We had a late afternoon walk yesterday and found a great deal of trash, mostly from Japan because there is kanji all over it. The highlight was a Japanese condom wrapper. Also two pieces of glass and the sort of flat oval agate with spots I call Easter eggs. 

We tried watching a film about Gertrude Bell. The horses and scenery are magnificent but the story itself is all wrong, as if the woman’s romantic involvement (likely invented for the film) mattered more than all the rest of her existence.

Other than walking, meeting my writer-friend on Fridays, and a grocery run, I have not gone or done much other than read and write this month. I finished The Bird King by Shaun Tan—a stunning work. It was so good I had to order another copy because this one is meant as a gift. (Today is the second meeting with another writer for tea and sharing work and I have a great deal to share.)

However, our youngest grandchild is having a third birthday party on Sunday! We look forward to that.

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