Camp NaNo day 14: WE CAUGHT A BREAK

This is some of what we gathered this morning (plus a handful of agates). Most of the little pieces of broken plastic and squashed polystyrene foam are under or in the plastic bottles. Five more Bic lighters (lower left) make a total of nine this month. Much of the trash has been at sea for a while—slivers of aluminum left from corroded soda cans, plastic with saline growing on it. There are wood chips like you would make with an ax, lots of driftwood, and several entire trees newly washed up on the sand. One tree is thick with gooseneck barnacles the gulls have been eating.

Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 19,002 as of 6:30am on Sunday, 14 April 2019

EMD word count has one more “resting” days at 74,883

We walked most of the way north, but gathered so much trash we did not make it to the headland before turning for home. The tide was past full when we started, and sneakers drove us into the rocks again and again, so that was another impediment. The rain began before we got home again. 

I am knitting a baby blanket and reached the point where I must wait for replacement yarn to arrive. There is writing I should be working on, but which I do not want to work on. But I did that anyway. 

I made pad Thai for dinner, wrapped a present, and read. 

“Theater is like sausage: If you love it you should never watch it being made.”—Empty Space

The director’s name is Ian. 

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