“Those who build walls are their own prisoners. I’m going to go fulfill my proper function in the social organism. I’m going to go unbuild walls.” — Ursula K. Le Guin, From The Dispossessed The review of a book about mental illness in the Brevity blog this morning reminds me about American obsession with competition and our [...]


from Apartment Therapy: "With nationwide raids targeting undocumented residents set to begin on Sunday, many are in fear of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents appearing at their homes and workplaces. Though the raids are set to target 2,000 people for deportation, there may also be “collateral arrests,” where agents arrest others on site who [...]

4th of JULY

“Is the present state of the national republic enough? Is virtue the principal of our government? Is honor? "Or is ambition and avarice, adulation, baseness, covetousness, the thirst for riches, indifference concerning the means of rising and enriching, the contempt of principle, the spirit of party and of faction the motive and principle that governs?”—John Adams in [...]