“Spot” is a mostly-wild rabbit. The truly wild rabbits do not have a white spot on their heads and would never have come into the yard to eat montbrecia in the middle of the day.
Two of the ravens. Two more are out of the hot in a snag, one was on the sand.

We saw five ravens during our walk the other day. The raven pair have been as successful raising their brood as the eagles. We are less confident about our bats. Two were living under the eaves and we waited before going out early one morning until the sky brightened enough to send them home. Since then, fireworks. Every night. Mostly we love summer as much as everyone, but fireworks. However, the out-of-state party that was blowing sparks right over our head the other night, might have left. We hope they are gone. We hope so, but we are resigned to one more night of explosions keeping us awake past 10.

We need our sleep.

IMG_4548We moved furniture back into the living room and for a few days, it was lovely on the newly varnished floor. Clear space, less furniture. But we are not done varnishing floors. Almost immediately, we started shifting to prepare for the next step. The coffee maker is on top of the dryer. The microwave is around the corner. We just now finished moving everything else out of the kitchen and dining room except the fridge (we’re saving that for tomorrow).

I store pantry items in glass jars. Coconut and dried garbanzos and five organic cooking oils—all of that. Most of those nine shelves are lined up on the floor of a bedroom. We managed to slide the huge bookcase that housed the pantry into the hall. The round dining table, pie safe, and a bookcase are in the living room. So is the Kitchen Queen and what was kept in those pieces of furniture now on tables and in cartons. A drawer of candles on the sofa.

It has only just occurred to me that since I am retired, I will never again need the serving pieces for chocolate pots de creme and sparkling cider served to my students. I do not need to save them or store them and, along with a great many other things, including my grandmothers’ crystal, I will be letting them go.

In the mean time, Gary is scrubbing the floor and I cannot find the paint to finish painting into the corner I could not quite cut into when all the furniture was in place. There are still too many books. Too much of everything. We will never burn all these candles. Chaos.

So what else is new?


7 thoughts on “EMPTY/FULL

  1. Beautiful things must be used, handled, chipped and broken! Bring out the crystal for everyday dishware. I learned this lesson–in reverse–from older female relatives who hoarded heirloom tapestries in trunks packed with mothballs and begrudged using the silver. Much ruin and dismay resulted. Drink the best beloved wine first in fine crystal.

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  2. Jan, I’ve been longing to regain strength, stamina, and a good right leg so I can get up and clean house, cook, and start downsizing. You’ve just changed my mind! I’m going to adopt Kim’s strategy and use my good stuff until it’s all broken, chipped, or lost. 🙂

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  3. my husband chose the email SHRINKINGFOOTPRINT just as we were getting ready to shrink ours. then, both sets of parents died and we inherited as much of their things as we could fit into the house. beautiful stuff, but stuff, consolidated over many years, still in too great abundance. currently i’m in a marie kondo frame of mind, but there are things i’ll never wish to be rid of. i ask my heart. if it says yes, then (for now) i keep the thing. this has been going on for years since our house flood of 2015, which occasioned much getting-rid-of and kick-started us down the shrinking footprint path we are on again now. open areas of space are gracious.

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    1. Thank you. I could have written your comment. I cleared house for an entire generation and I am the oldest in mine of two children it all came to, and the only one willing to do that work. We too had a sort of flood, but mostly it has been a flood of beautiful things. We let go and let go and still there is more. Blame this on our own collection and two previous generations of collectors and of saving-it-for-best, but it is also our own appreciation for what has been gathered. We have more than we can use, but letting go felt like a sort of betrayal for a long time. I think we are getting over that. Yes to open space.


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