Yesterday there was a march and protest in Portland. Our younger son and his wife work in the theater, which means that they are nearly always downtown on Saturdays. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on stage at the Keller. The A.P. reported: "Flag-waving members of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters militia group began [...]

STEP 7: Choice

Making choices is exhausting. It is rewarding. It is power but also wearing. Like many things that matter, the creative process pays and pains. Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things to Me contains an essay about Virginia Woolf and uncertainty. The truth about wandering in the dark. In a journal entry of 1915 she wrote: "The [...]

STEP 6: Accident

The second blue quilt was meant to be simple. I set specific, easy guidelines in order to piece it quickly and with a minimum of fuss. It's that staring process, the decision-making at every cut and sewn seam. This color or that one, this way or that, rearrange and rethink the border? It was meant [...]


In their official First Lady portraits "20th-century predecessors show a parade of cream-colored gowns, strings of pearls and periwinkle skirts. Clinton rocked a pantsuit in midnight black." As first lady, she chaired the Task Force on National Health Care Reform, pushing a proposed healthcare system some in the media dubbed "Hillarycare." That failed, but she [...]