It’s a jellyfish, which is neither jelly nor fish, but common names are often like that. It’s actually a colony living together to make a shape. My dad warned against these orangey ones. They sting, even “dead” on the sand like this one.

I received a bulk email from a neighbor. He neglected to use the blind feature (Bcc) so better than three dozen people who apparently do not know one another except through him now have one another’s emails. (I should tell him my story about the Bonsai Kittens—a hoax my then-adolescent niece believed and sent out to well over a hundred people, outing their email addresses at a time people were particularly sensitive to junk email.) The original email promotes Biden as the best bet to defeat Trump. We do not all seem to be on board with that. I have disliked the man for decades and nothing he’s done recently restores any faith in his capacity for making wise choices or any vision.

A Canadian weighed in warning about the radical left. I wish he had been this Canadian:

My 91 year old father in law has been diagnosed as having a terminal illness.  He has lost the use of his legs and has a large cancerous mass in his lungs which cannot be treated due to his advanced age and fragile health.  We are having a lift installed to transfer him from bed to chair and back again.  He will receive 4 times a day care from nurses and aides and housekeeping services for him and my mother in law.  There are no charges for this, NOTHING, no deductibles, no co-pays, and no limit.  There will be no charges for his 3 weeks of hospitalisation either.  Sounds good?  Well, this is Canada, and this is how we treat people.  No one dies from lack of health care at any age, and no one ever goes bankrupt from medical expenses.  We all pay, and we all receive.

This person wrote in response to an article in The Washington Post about the murder-suicide of the elderly couple in Washington State. They explained they were overwhelmed by medical bills. Someone assured readers that they should have planned better in order to have better insurance.

It does not seem like a radical notion to provide health care for people in the richest nation on earth. I will also say that I had a medical emergency in Canada a long time ago. I was in terrible pain and a doctor came in to his office on his day off, took good care of me, and did not charge me a dime. Maybe he was just a nice guy. What a concept.

Before we go dismissing the “far left” for their crazy-impractical-radical notions, we might consider that most of, no, nearly all of the first world is already doing those things. Reducing greenhouse gases, cutting out unnecessary use of plastics, preserving parks and forests, healthcare for everyone, affordable public education right through college, better maternal and infant care, a rising life expectancy—we actually can afford it all and most of the world (well, not third world countries) does.

We are a rich country, but many poor countries take better care of their ill and elderly, care better for the environment, and have lower taxes. It’s amazing what a nation can afford when it does not spend more than the next ten wealthiest countries combined on military spending. Military bases in hundreds of foreign countries (would we pursue or even allow this in the United States?) cost enough to pay for the best medical care in the world for everyone, not merely the wealthy. New paint job for the President’s jets or healthcare? Do I have to choose?

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