“This is all wrong.” Her words begin at 23 minutes, but the NPR article covers most of her speech [or here]. It is a brief, compelling speech. She is an amazing young woman, angry because it is impossible to be anything but angry. She has been paying attention, she will not forget, and she will not forgive.

I have been told throughout my life: Don’t get upset, don’t be angry, don’t lose your temper. Smile more. Find your inner peace. Yes, all that honey zen-like wavering.

As has been said: If you are not angry, you haven’t been paying attention.

Have the courage to be angry about the right things.

We walked long this morning. Our continued commitment to the coast is perhaps a foolish act of faith, an unwillingness to abandon our home, an unwillingness to abandon hope, and unwillingness to accept evil, and unwillingness to move to higher ground because so many in the world do not have that option.



  1. Greta’s speech was a slam dunk. Now the ball is in the court of the “leaders” of the world’s nations…Hopefully her MVP performance today will be a game changer for those who have played politics over people for decades.

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  2. I agree–she is right to be angry, unforgiving, and unable to forget. A child should not be the one leading the charge on climate change, but Greta has taken up her standard and speaks with greater maturity and authority than her age implies. Love her!

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