Myth is scripture. Myth is wisdom. Myth is sacred story. Myth is magic and meaning. Myth defines and supports the goodness in us. It shows us a path, and as symbol—never underestimate symbols—myth is always true. Always. As a public high school English teacher I was very respectful in using the word "myth." I introduced [...]


"… it is utterly impossible for over-worked teachers to preserve an instinctive liking for children; they are bound to come to feel towards them as the proverbial confectioner’s apprentice does towards macaroons. I do not think that education ought to be anyone’s whole profession: it should be undertaken for at most two hours a day [...]

‘in my great and unmatched wisdom’

What are we doing here? The President has invited foreign powers to interfere in the US presidential election. Democrats want to impeach him for it. Or, as my husband says, "We've been interfering in their government; it's only fair that they should be allowed to interfere with ours." Of course, Gary is being facetious.