We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving that I am embarrassed to think of it. I told Tammy on the beach this morning that I didn't feel I deserved such a lovely day. She said, "It's best not to connect the dots." Our drive over was uneventful—good news given forecasts of snow and ice. We walked [...]


We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Alone or with friends or family. With or without turkey. With or without. There is always something missing. In childhood that was whatever the parents were allowed to do that we, at seven and four, believed we were missing. As adults there is the glossy image in magazines and [...]


On Tuesday, I "won" the National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) challenge by completing fifty thousand words. It needs at least twenty or thirty thousand more words, but I have identified the arc of the story, my two main characters in their parallel experiences, a structure that imposes both tension and order, and some sort of [...]


"A man has been arrested after antisemitic abuse was directed towards Jewish children on the London Underground. ... Wearing a cap and hoody, the man is seen in the video threatening a man off-camera after he tries to intervene before a woman in a hijab – Asma Shuweikh – confronts him."—The Guardian The Muslim woman is [...]


Am I the only one who finds the new NaNoWriMo site clunky, uncooperative, and downright annoying? Communication in forums is impossible (I find nothing when I click that link) and with buddies seems challenging (a message from a buddy waited to be read for a week because I didn't notice it was there). In fact, if this [...]