In Brevity 22, Fall 2006, Brian Arundel's "The Things I’ve Lost" begins "Fleece hat and gloves: in the backseat of a Boston cab in 2002, before driving back to Maine. Round, purple sunglasses: in an Atlanta pool hall over drinks with Ashby, whose wife was determined to save their marriage by having a baby. A measurable dose … Continue reading ASSIGNMENT #2: Lost


We have all our mail through this past Thursday. I baked bread the next day. We're still getting our early walks, but there are unfamiliar people and dogs on the beach today. Yesterday the gale force wind was desperately chilling in the morning. Today is mild. So. Walking, baking, writing, and staying safe. This morning … Continue reading BREAD

Margaret and Helen

“Are you high, sir? Or are you just making this shit up?” Posted by: Helen Philpot | March 28, 2020 I’d give anything to ask Trump this question about cheesecake… #COVIDIOT #ConronaUpdate #2Trillion we Margaret, they passed a $2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package. For years we’ve complained about failing schools, homelessness, hunger, affordable healthcare, clean water, … Continue reading Margaret and Helen

The Mentalist: Reward and Routine

Getting through a national crisis might be a little crazy like a police consultant following instinct and impression or it might be orderly like completing a knitted pair of socks. Maybe it's a little of both. I have one sock of a pair in the works, knit top down. The leg part is done, the … Continue reading The Mentalist: Reward and Routine