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How To Generate Content

This is such excellent advice I decided to figure out how to “reblog.” (HINT: Allison K. Williams’ Brevity posts are always worthwhile.) Perhaps I will even try to take this good advice. I keep thinking this might be the time to share my best writing prompts, especially since Willamette Writers has postponed events (well, of course they have) so I don’t know when my presentation will take place.

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“Start a blog!” agents say. “Write a newsletter!” announce publishers. “You’ll build readership and be more attractive to agents and publishers!”

But what the heck do you put in it? Hey, I got rejected again by the same magazine?



(I do.)

The daily grind of your writing life is indeed fodder for bulletins every week or two. More than once a week gets annoying; less than once a month and people forget who you are and unsubscribe. Try to share your work the same time and day, so that people have a subconscious expectation of reading you, say, Tuesday mornings.

I have to write something every week? What if it’s not good? What if it’s not a diamond-sharp, multiply-revised presentation of my Best Thoughts Ever?

And a blog post or email newsletter is not a lengthy, many-drafted essay. In fact, the best content is:


Personal, and


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