The Cape.

I created this “TEST” with the new Editor for WordPress. I find the “Classic” version I have been using and which suited me perfectly has lost function.

I am reminded of Microsoft Word 1, that earliest version I used of that software program in 1989. (Someone will volunteer the 1.4 or whatever it was at the time?) The columns could not be individually controlled but I figured out how to fake a 2+ column layout for the yearbook the following year (two wide + one narrow column). I could customize key commands to alter font and size. Microsoft made “improvements” and I could set column widths, but by then we were laying out the yearbook using PagerMaker. My key commands were not longer under my control. It was handy that I had learned so many key commands that still worked, since I went to a writing workshop and my mouse died the first day.

A critical feature I lost this month in my blog was the ability to send just part of a post. That allows me to insert a “Read More” tag for email subscribers. It’s important because I don’t like sending a huge block of text + photos to people’s emails. There are also the typos and last thoughts that I usually add sometime between my posting and a reasonable hour when people are likely to read it.

So this is a test just to see if the “Read More” feature works with the new Editor. I have my doubts. Everything is moved around, there are more options, many more options. These options seem primarily geared to help people monetizing their site. If I decided to sell something here, these options might be helpful. Of course, then I would also need to pay to use this site, which I will eventually have to do because images eat up my free content. Not yet.

So we’ll see. Shall we?

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