Yesterday was our 46th anniversary, and today the people who own the house north of us called me a “b—-” and a “f—ing b—-.” Several times, actually. I was told to go in the house, that I did not understand what was happening. That I did not understand psychology and using that language was entirely within their rights.

You have to wonder about people like that. How do they manage communication within their own families when someone disagrees with them? Does anyone dare?

10 thoughts on “STRANGE DAYS

  1. I’m a firm believer in karma and I look forward to the day when you get to write about it in relation to this neighbour. Happy anniversary – hope that day was a wonderful day!

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    1. Thank you for your good wishes. I wish I believed in karma, but alas. Yesterday was lovely. We ate huckleberry cake with whipped cream for dinner—entirely decadent and as delicious as it might sound.


  2. I am reminded of the late John Lewis’ words about speaking out when you see something wrong—you did my dearest friend and were attacked. With all that is going on currently, no one needs this kind of shit. I am sorry you were there to go through this. The view to the north is fading, but you still have a great view of hope, truth and love.

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    1. I did not teach for forty years without learning how to regain my calm in the face of hysterical boys. It is not the first time a man, as Gary terms it, Mansplained to me at the top of his voice. If I’d done as I was told, he might have stopped. I rarely do as I am told by a screaming man.


      1. I am so sorry you were on the receiving end of such a vile, uncivil diatribe. I’m really sensitive to such things myself and when I hear people like this, I remind myself how completely unhappy this person must be and what a sad life theirs must be that they spew such anger. Like you, I wonder, how they communicate within their own families? I hope you were able to move past it – though that isn’t easy, either!

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      2. Thank you, Melanie. I really appreciate your comment and understanding. It is unnerving to be confronted in that uncivil manner—the language particularly surprised me. I guess I harbor old-fashioned notions about how one speaks to older people. And now I am one.

        I did not move past it easily, of course, and it was only hours later that I realized when he told me I needed to lower my blood pressure and how my brain was unhinged and I needed to go back in the house that he was really talking to himself.


  3. This brought to mind a scene from the season finale of Endeavor. Someone had been murdering young women at night beside a tow path in Oxford. Women from a women’s college were particularly enraged that the killer hadn’t been caught. They took matters into their own hands. Using one of their own as a decoy, 30 some women, having hidden in the bushes along the path, sprang out and tackled the offending man and held him until police arrived. It was most satisfying. Perhaps you need a brigade of like minded women to spring to your defense. Is it likely to happen again? I volunteer!

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    1. It was the husband who yelled but the wife who seemed to be enjoying it. He genuinely believed a couple of things that were clearly untrue. I suspect his wife lied to him and he swallowed it whole. As a result, I am appalled by them both.

      Oh, and the camera pointed at our house.


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