The Reading Under the Gun (or RUG" was a timed writing assignment. I gave students a limited period of time, a short text, some provoking questions, and required them to write until I said stop. The assignment was worth five points. Even if you answered the questions wrong or went off topic, so long as [...]


We need teachers. We need teachers who are not merely well-educated and kind and hard-working. We need teachers who are smarter than most of their students. My original post "WHY YOU DON’T WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER" went up on my previous blog while I was actively teaching in a public high school. I reposted [...]


Yesterday morning we walked north nearly to Arcadia Beach. This morning we walked from the north to Cape Falcon. Both days were foggy in the morning—yesterday the fog lifted after we got home. This morning the fog closed in by the time we were having toasted homemade bread for our breakfast. We had to go [...]