After lingering travels, she is here!

I recognize that I have been complaining a lot lately. Mostly about shipping companies. So here is a good omen: “Soul Queen” arrived in near-perfect condition a couple of days ago, shipped more than five months ago, and presumed lost early in the summer. Gary wanted to calculate how many miles we’ve walked since then. He thought maybe we could have walked her here from Georgia.

I didn’t think so, and it’s not nice, and I am too lazy to go back and count up the total distance of our walks. (Do I really want to know?)

She’s here. That’s what matters. Our regular UPS driver was not even aware she’d been missing or anything. Insurance had paid. We’d all thought she was lost forever. And here she is. Good times.

It’s true that the space bar on my computer isn’t working so I have to stop and add spaces to my words and correct the Autocorrect (“to my” turned into Tony). And our property taxes . . . And one of our tenants is moving out in three weeks. And even the shipments from Finland and Estonia and Slovakia (music, music, and yarn) did not take this long. And I’d found two other paintings and paying again for “Soul Queen” was a painful pinch.

It’s also true that we both love her. Isn’t she marvelous!

So. Good omen? I am not superstitious, but I think: good omen!

“Soul Queen” by Jeanie Tomanek

10 thoughts on “GOOD OMEN

  1. She’s amazing! I’m so happy. What was lost is found.

    It’s odd to watch things go in and out of our homes when we cannot. Looking forward to seeing the piece in person someday.

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  2. You looking for that painting, Jan—it’s right here all the time.
    I would have seen it—if I didn’t believe it
    but now that it’s here just remember
    as Jerry Garcia said,
    what long strange trip it’s been.

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