We have been on long walks lately. “Plenty of beach,” as Gary says while we walk more than two miles north. The young eagles have been around, Crows or a raven most often give warning, scattering black oystercatchers, gulls, whimbrels, and other shorebirds. Most days we see at least two of last year’s now-molting babies are overhead and sometimes their parents.

Gulls backed right off when the immature eagle showed up.

She was after this oddity . . .


more than three feet long.


The next day, she had a crab.

Usually, we see gulls perched here.


She caught me staring and moved.


Someone (not me) spent a long time building a stack taller than me at Hug Point beach. There were two more, shorter stacks higher up in the rocks.

I use my zoom to photograph eagles, never getting closer than fifty yards. They are still protected and should be respected. The tourist below approached an adult closer and closer until she was forced to fly.

Stupid move.

9 thoughts on “THE EAGLES

  1. I don’t have a zoom (yet) so I do approach birds, albeit slowly, cautiously, but the ones I approach are in trees so I’m limited in how close I can get anyway. I prefer that they don’t see me, although, by being in a tree, they see everything. Especially the bald eagle at the refuge where we bike. He has a designated spot and he can see us coming from miles away. He’s very good at posing, probably thinks we’re just a couple of odd-looking hairless bears. All that said, I can’t imagine approaching a bird, especially an eagle, on the ground. They’re not puppies.

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