Sometimes you have to wonder

Every morning there is something to see.

What is this? They were all over the beach.
This one I know. We see one or more eagles every morning.
There is often a gull on the north edge of the old Hug Point road.
The ashes of my family are on that rock, in theory at least.

4 thoughts on “MORNING WALK

  1. Dale said jelly fish brake apart in the surf all the time so maybe pieces of jelly fish. So my question would be why now? Why the sudden increase in the quantity of jelly fish in this area?

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    1. This was not like the broken jellies we see all the time. It was a fish-shape, tampered at each end and with a knot of dark opaque tissue at one end like an eye (not an eye). We saw hundreds come in on one tide and a few more since, all of them this shape, two to four inches long.


  2. I went for a walk with Yuki and Legendary this morning. I told him about what you see on your walks and described where you live. It was a very pleasant walk! He was a lovely companion! We walked through the woods and saw rabbits and 3 black dogs. We walked 3 miles and the last 1/2 there was a lot of stopping to rest for Legendary.

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  3. numbers 2 and 3 are birds –definately and I think number 1 could be what a hiccup looks like when it is tired of trying to remember where it left the trampoline

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