I have a photographic negative showing my grandmother, Fay Fletcher Jackson (before she married Gordon Keays Smith), standing on a Mount Hood glacier that mostly isn't there anymore. This would be in the early years of the 20th century. She carries a small backpack because she is a very small person and wears heavy boots, … Continue reading STILL, SHE CLIMBED


I was reading an article from The Guardian on how to deal with Christmas get-together challenges. The author led with "the turkey doesn't fit in the oven." [I love that turkey is the English Christmas dinner centerpiece, even though what they serve is a "New World" food, not actually indigenous to Europe. So are tomatoes, … Continue reading UNANNOUNCED VEGAN


“The Last Day of November” by Jack Ridl by Rattle Jack Ridl THE LAST DAY OF NOVEMBER My wife is at her spinning wheel. Shefirst cleans, dries, and combs the fleece, then dies the wool. She will spin yarn to make a shawl, stocking cap, socks. She disappears into her gentle quiet. I am a third of the … Continue reading THE LAST DAY OF NOVEMBER