As of spring 2021, I have no plans to submit further work for publication. 


25 February 2021 “Art Saves Lives” at Brevity’s blog.

6 February 2021: “Bread Making” a brief essay at Complete Sentence website


16 October 2020: “The Names of Flame” at Brevity‘s blog

17 June 2020: a photo essay for “Coronavirus Hopelings” on Bracken‘s website

15 May 2020: “Virtually Normal” at Brevity‘s blog [revised for publication after 6 April 2020]

24 April 2020: “Writing Prompts to Flight” at Brevity‘s blog [delayed twice due to covid19—stay cautious, stay well]


November 2019:  “Watching the Bats Come Out” fiction in The North Coast Squid, a publication of Hoffman Center for the Arts

30 September 2019: “Simplify, Simplify” a prose poem in River Teeth Journal’s Beautiful Things

9 August 2019: “Beyond Just Reporting: The Creative in Creative Nonfiction” at Brevity‘s blog

21 June 2019: “Review of Sarah Knott’s Mother Is a Verb at Brevity‘s blog

22 February 2019: “If  Wishes Were Horses” at Brevity‘s blog


12 October 2018: “EXPLAINING PAIN: How I Wrote ‘A Murder of Crows’ ” at Brevity‘s blog

September 2018 “A Murder of Crows” creative nonfiction in Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction, Issue 59

August 2018 “If It Were True Owls Dream” fantasy fiction in Liminal Stories, issue 5

20 June 2018 “The Difference Between Possessing and Publishing a Story” at Brevity‘s blog

4 May 2018 “321: Teaching Writing to Teens” at Brevity‘s blog

30 April 2018 “Be Willing to Write Badly” at Brevity‘s blog

3 March 2018 “What I Learn from Submittable” at Brevity‘s blog

24 January 2018 “Ursula K. Le Guin Has Gone on Ahead” at Brevity‘s blog

8 January 2018 “Cut to Bleed” at Brevity‘s blog


14 August 2017 “I Am, Therefore I Write” at Brevity‘s blog

17 July 2017 “Leaving Work—1970,” “Women’s Work,” & “Awful Work” poems in WORK Literary Magazine, Issue 8.45

Spring 2017 Pododesmus macrochisma: Metaphor for Girls” poem in The Portland Review, Vol. 63

2017 “Can We Write About Race?” essay in RAIN Magazine

29 May 2017 “Painting the Snake: Ambient Accuracy in Creative Nonfiction” at Brevity‘s blog


2016 “White Noise” creative nonfiction in the anthology, What Does It Mean to Be White in America?, 2Leaf Press

12 July 2016 “Follow the Rules, She Whispered” at Brevity‘s blog

15 June 2016 “On Teaching Exploration: The Pigeon Paper” at Brevity‘s blog

19 Feb. 2016 “On Critique: I Promise I Will Tell You” at Brevity‘s blog


Spring 2015 “Teaching the Dead Deer” creative nonfiction/literary analysis in Oregon Literature issue of Oregon English Journal

21 Dec. 2015 “Coffee Shop” fiction in WORK Literary Magazine, Issue 7.17


25 Dec. 2014 “On Yoolis Night” at Brevity Smile Contest (winner), blog publication

22 Dec. 2014 “Stocking Stuffer” at Brevity Smile Contest, blog publication

November 2014 “The Event” poem included in Convergence Exhibition audio documentary by Tessie Word

31 October 2014 “The Event” creative nonfiction in Tillamook County Pioneer special “scary story” issue


Winter 2013 “Why I Run North” poem in StringTown, Issue 12

Summer 2013 “Zoöpraxiscope” poem in Weave Magazine, Issue 9 and a filmed reading

May-June 2013 “Smile, You’re Beautiful” nonfiction in The Humanist


November 2012 “First Rite” creative nonfiction in VoiceCatcher

Fall 2012 “Lightening Stone” creative nonfiction in The MacGuffin, Vol. 29, Issue 1

Fall 2012 “Sojourn” poem in The Medulla Review, Issue 4.1

October 2012 “Landscape with Elk: True Story” nonfiction in VoiceCatcher, online publication

July 2012 “Otters, Aristotle, and Thomas Paine” nonfiction in Ontologica, Issue 4.1

Spring 2012 “Barnum’s America” poem in Monkey Puzzle Magazine, Issue 11

2012 “Letting Elvis Go” poem in RAIN Magazine


December 2011 “The Girl at Taco Bell” poem in WORK Literary Magazine, Issue 3.13

2011 “We Might” poem in RAIN Magazine

2011 “Running in the Dark” nonfiction in RAIN Magazine 

Spring 2011 “Remembering Snow” fiction in MUSED, Issue 14

January 2011 “Shooting Range” fiction in Ink-Filled Page

prior publications

July 2010 “My Aide” poem in WORK Literary Magazine, Issue 1.46, online publication

August 2006 “A Single Fact Can Spoil a Good Argument” fiction in CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, 30th anniversary issue

Mar.-Apr. 2006 “Eyebrow Wings” poem in North American Review

Winter 2006 “Living in Snake Land” fiction in Pacific Magazine

Fall 2005 “The Way Elephants Know Blind Men” fiction in StringTown

2004 “Baptism” fiction in StringTown

2003 “Scar Map” fiction in The Raven Chronicles, Issue 10.3

2002 “What You Wish for” fiction in StringTown

Autumn 2001 “Penance” prose poem in Manzanita Quarterly, Issue 4.1

2001 “Botany Lab” poem in StringTown

2001 “Patience” fiction in StringTown

2001 “Runner’s High” nonfiction in the anthology, Women Runners, Breakaway Press

Autumn 2000 “Bird in Hand” poem in Manzanita Quarterly, Issue 3.1

1970s & 1980s essays and creative nonfiction in dog magazines such as The Gazehound, Afghan Quarterly, and Sighthound Review