The burn ban. The pain did not begin with the cake or fire or police, but it ended with the pain in my feet. I do not believe this was all my fault, but I will worry that it was. Maybe the bad day began with the cake. I did everything right. With multiple dietary [...]



And a check came for my story, "If It Were True Owls Dream." It appears in issue 5 of Liminal Stories. The illustration they chose disturbs me because in my head I see Beatrice from the other side, facing left. (Plus, this character is right-handed.) The early drafts of this story used my grandchildren's names, but those [...]


One of our sons just adopted two kittens. They are adorable and I got to hold and pet them the other day. We are in the midst of "Swedish death cleansing" known as döstädning. "It's what people are doing before somebody passes away so that the relatives don't get left with the big chore of sorting out [...]