Am I the only one who finds the new NaNoWriMo site clunky, uncooperative, and downright annoying? Communication in forums is impossible (I find nothing when I click that link) and with buddies seems challenging (a message from a buddy waited to be read for a week because I didn't notice it was there). In fact, if this [...]


My husband and I both grew up with Velveeta, which is not really cheese at all. I remember my father loving blues and sharp cheddars, but my brother and I were fed toasted cheese sandwiches made with horrible pre-sliced white bread, Velveeta, and margarine. That "cheese product" melts like glue. I am embarrassed to admit [...]


Three layers of vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and a lot of strawberry buttercream flavored with jam and powdered organic freeze-dried strawberries! She liked the cake, though she was not expecting pink frosting—and to think how hard I worked to make it both pink and tasting of strawberries! (I cropped her from the photo to [...]