There had been drug dealers and prostitutes and a "witch" living there. The police would come for Debbie when she had a drug-overdose-triggered "complete psychotic break" and the FBI to investigate number 12, where a member of the Weather Underground had stayed. Rent was cheap and the location just up the street from the Blue Moon [...]


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN + Oregon Live) — Four Oregon State Police troopers went into a Corvallis coffee shop without wearing a mask, which prompted the OSP superintendent to put at least one of them on administrative leave during the investigation. [The state has mandated masks for everyone inside public places as a way to stem [...]


Today is halfway through 2020 and it's a good place to pause and take stock. For many human beings this has already been a tragic year on so many levels, so I feel I need to access my situation. We are both retired so we're doing fine as far as finances go. That is, unlike [...]


from 27 June 2020, The New York Times: "It’s crazy. I’ve never been to a protest before — like, ever. I got inspired by what people were doing all across America, but there was no protest in Nashville at the time. I was like, why isn’t Tennessee doing anything? Why are they silent?"—Zee Thomas Two days [...]


All persons in my county must be masked when visiting any indoor public space, beginning 1 July 2020. The county itself requested this. As a friend said to me on the phone: we're a tourist economy and people come here from everywhere. We need some protection. from NPR "Masks And The Outdoor Exerciser: Advice For Runners, [...]


Bracken, the online journal from Washington, believes in hope to get us all by through with "love of the woods and its shadows." It is a beautiful magazine I've already recommended. Begin with Bracken's main page because just now you do not want to miss another look at Amanda Greive's art, and then click on "Coronavirus Hopelings" for a series [...]