The Director of a writing event responded the other day to my application for a Fellowship. I thought I was a good fit when I sent it off. Connection to the West was essential, a writer without major accomplishments, no book out nor a book deal in the making. I have been writing for decades [...]



NaNoWriMo offered me a very specific goal for three years: 50k words in 30 days. I wrote over 70k. During April, National Poetry Month, I wrote the draft of a poem each day + posted poetry prompts for several years running. Here I am blogging. One of my longterm goals was to be published in [...]


Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hate crimes from racist and the political right and left. They make a difference. More than forty years ago, our friend Bunny told me that she donated $100 each month to charity. Her food budget was less than half that. I was stunned that she was able to afford this. And [...]