Twenty-five thousand adult flamingo couples are summering in the salt marshes of southern France, the largest number since naturalists began counting them forty-five years ago. Over 60,000 flamingoes total—12,000 babies so far. They are harmless to man and beast, eating only krill, tiny saltwater organisms they filter through their beaks in a system not so [...]


All persons in my county must be masked when visiting any indoor public space, beginning 1 July 2020. The county itself requested this. As a friend said to me on the phone: we're a tourist economy and people come here from everywhere. We need some protection. from NPR "Masks And The Outdoor Exerciser: Advice For Runners, [...]


The new warp is green, cool, the color of lichens and shaded moss, the color of celadon porcelain, all the watered hues of seaglass found tumbled in basalt on my shore, the color of the ocean itself, even the sparks of orange and gold reflect sunshine and shadow, the turning of waves pounding water and [...]