I was ill recently, only a cold according to the NP, but one that many seem to have suffered from over weeks and months. I hoped to avoid that as I had not been sick for five years, not since the last time I forgot my flu shot. I forced myself to rest. To eat. [...]



  I won the July Make-It-Koigu! (Mine was the only entry.) Above are the skeins I laid out as I was figuring out the warp below. All but one handspun skein is Koigu. The final blanket was woven in four strips on two warps.


Today is a big day. Sand Castle Day happened in Cannon Beach and Rose Festival in Portland. It was also World Wide Knit in Public Day, so I took my knitting along with me to the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Oaks Park. We'd gone to the Scandinavian Festival closer to home, but this was our [...]


So yes, I know: buttercups and warm lights, the shadows on a polar bear and pollen. Lemon curd sauce and angel pie, the afternoon light glowing in the living room. Gold on my fingers, the tint of big leaf maples in September. Bananas, egg yolks, buttered corn. Caution signs, dandelions, honey bees. Even so. The [...]


When I became licensed as a K-12 Art teacher in 1976, I knew it was unlikely that I would find a job teaching students younger than high school age. Those little kids I worked with in my field experiences would never be mine for more than a few hours during my one-week assignment. Most districts considered [...]