A friend traveled to her vacation house, another marched for justice, and our younger son and his children are here for the weekend. Most of my yarn order arrived in the post office, but we will not visit before Monday or Tuesday. The website promoting my fifty-year high school reunion has not been updated for [...]


The Atlantic's advice for the class of 2020 This year’s college graduates are having a very different graduation season than they probably imagined. At The Atlantic, we’ve been trying to help the class of 2020 retain at least one ritual: the commencement speech. Here are a few words of wisdom for the graduate in your [...]


My tomato seedlings are growing their second set of true leaves, a sprouted mango pit needs to be put into soil, and the other night I dreamt about a former student, the only student I've ever had who I would still have said I disliked. Despite some unpleasantness with those who wanted grades rather than [...]

The Mentalist: Reward and Routine

Getting through a national crisis might be a little crazy like a police consultant following instinct and impression or it might be orderly like completing a pair of socks. Maybe it's a little of both. I have one sock of a pair in the works, knit top down. The leg part is done, the heel [...]

Over the Rainbow

Our older son was in Band in high school (sax) and our younger (first tenor) began Choir in middle school. I attended State competitions for both Band and Choir, but one year the Seaside High School choir director, Michelle Starke, directed a song from the middle of an auditorium with students all around the sides [...]


Early in the school year, I used to do vocabulary activities in my junior English classes. They required the use of hardcover dictionaries and most often teamwork. In each case the terms and their definitions were written into classroom journals which could be accessed during quizzes and exams. No need to write any of this [...]


Over the years three boys in my Junior English classes argued in their research papers that nuclear power was the cheap, non-polluting, and safe alternative to fossil fuels. They were blissfully unaware that radiation is deadly. They did not want to hear about it. When one boy asked an engineer via email whether there were [...]