It might seem a modest ambition: to make less harm than good. Some will find it wholly inadequate. How can accomplishment come from merely doing less harm than good? I wonder myself sometimes. Progress is inadequately counted by dollars. Accomplishment is so often measured in influence, in having our way, in strength over others. Humility [...]


Last month I determined to complete several projects, mostly knitting. I knit a narrow scarf, a huge shawl, a cardigan sweater for my granddaughter, and a washcloth—that last from a horrible but gorgeous cotton linen blend. I would make another washcloth if the yarn were not so stiff and rough that it hurt my hands [...]


We took our granddaughter to her first literary reading on Monday. However, our adventure began with dinner. It had been a long time since we took her for Thai. She barely remembered—maybe she did not remember at all. She chose yakisoba from the menu because she knew the word from a report she did on [...]