The brown pelicans are here. We found a shed flight feather on the sand. We think we found weasel tracks in the sand. Not dog or cat or rat or raccoon. Little weasel tracks. By the time I got them with a camera, the sun was up and the tracks had begun to fall in. [...]



When I was a teenager, my mother was buying and selling antiques. She reported the income as coming from both herself and my dad because, having worked for the feds and before that for a college, he did not have many years in the Social Security system. In other words, he qualified for a federal [...]


One of our sons just adopted two kittens. They are adorable and I got to hold and pet them the other day. We are in the midst of "Swedish death cleansing" known as döstädning. "It's what people are doing before somebody passes away so that the relatives don't get left with the big chore of sorting out [...]