Today is halfway through 2020 and it's a good place to pause and take stock. For many human beings this has already been a tragic year on so many levels, so I feel I need to access my situation. We are both retired so we're doing fine as far as finances go. That is, unlike [...]


Do you know where your food has been, who touched it, who breathed or sneezed on it, how it was prepared? Annia Ciezadio insists in The Washington Post "The safety problem for restaurants isn’t the dining room. It’s the kitchen." Restaurant employees work in close quarters and are too rushed to take proper safety precautions, [...]


My dad used to tell a story about his first job at a California aircraft company. The new head offices had a problem. The roof leaked on the President's desk and the famous architect who designed the structure refused to address the problem. "It's a work of art," he is supposed to have said. The [...]


We have all our mail through this past Thursday. I baked bread the next day. We're still getting our early walks, but there are unfamiliar people and dogs on the beach today. Yesterday the gale force wind was desperately chilling in the morning. Today is mild. So. Walking, baking, writing, and staying safe. This morning [...]


People often look at life expectancy statistics and assume that people died at the age of 46 in 1900 because medical care was poor and that people seldom lived past age 46. In fact, anyone reaching the age of 46 in 1900 was probably as likely to reach age 75 or 80 or even 95 [...]