NINE YEARS AGO ON MY OLD BLOG I POSTED: 8/8/2010: I woke this morning and realized that I didn't have to run today [I was mostly running every other day until 2012], the weather is perfect, and I've spent my entire summer reading to prepare for the new school year and making jam. The jam [...]


There is a hedge in front of our house, what we call the "front" because the ocean is too vast to be anyone's backyard. The hedge is mostly salal that grows wild. The local rose, which is thorny and has dark pink flowers the size of quarters, is native too. The cultivar montbrecia, which will pop [...]

Camp NaNo day 22: EARTH DAY

Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 35,655 before 7am on Monday, 22 April 2019 EMD word count: 70,007. My novel's word count has gone backwards in a dramatic way. Though I did add a sentence or two, I have butchered out an entire chapter, and now I fear it’s too short. I think only famous people are allowed to [...]


I suppose this means I should complete my editing before posting. On 8 February 2019, I found I had 100 followers. That makes my day. Seriously. This is true especially because I wrote about common-sense self care as part of countering depression. Every time I have tried to post anywhere about depression, I've been attacked. [...]


Early in the first episode of season 14 of Silent Witness, a hospital doctor completely loses it as he observes patients in an outdoor lounge smoking dope and cigarettes and drinking beer and soda. He knocks smokes and cans out of their hands, shrieking: "What is the point?!" They will not regain health if they [...]


Early on, in the '90s, when I said I didn't eat meat, people would offer me chicken, and I would have to point out, Isn't chicken meat? What about duck? they would ask. Turkey? Rabbit? I started calling myself a "vegetarian" because trying to explain what I ate led to a lot of confusion. And a [...]