Many years ago a famous author commented about the sloppy appearance of women in Washington State, where I went to public schools, Kindergarten through three undergrad degrees. She also talked about Puget Sound, using terminology appropriate to the East coast. Both comments irritated me, but non-locals talking about my corner of the natural world is … Continue reading HOME TURF


We do not have cable television anymore. We watch shows via the internet. We rewatched the entire Psych series last fall and discovered episodes we had never seen before. That should not have come as a surprise. Like all children with a television in their home during the second half of the twentieth century, our … Continue reading The LIE ABOUT TIME


This is the largest "sea nettle" I have ever seen, dwarfing Gary's size 13 shoes. It was at least 28" across—Gary said three feet. We've been busy hustling back and forth, walking our 25 miles a week (and me running a few of those), working on our second home, and admiring everything we see. I … Continue reading EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING