When we were in college in the early 1970s, my future husband and I used to take the bus to downtown Seattle and walk through the city, visiting 5 and 10 Antiques sometimes, where my mother worked part time. I have a necklace from that shop. We always went to what Gary called the "Pubic … Continue reading PAWNSHOPS, STARBUCKS, and RUNNING


Thanksgiving, holiday memories, oystercatchers, Pilgrims, and my Thankful story about a small child. Sea lions, and giving thanks. Among my earliest memories are holiday visits to my grandparents' home on the western edge of Portland, Oregon. The house where my mother grew up was a huge Dutch colonial fronted by a quarter (half?) acre of … Continue reading WHAT I SAW


One day I only sorted a single box, the next day I powered through six. Negatives and family photos defy intentions. Nevertheless, I have made progress even during a "Very Bad Week." My grandfather's canes and my dad's fishing poles remain undisturbed, but the stacks of boxes on the bed are gone, and some of … Continue reading CLEANING HOUSE, pt. 2