On 10 September 2015, I created a folder on my computer titled COLORbook. My intention was to complete a series of chapters about color, an entire book of nonfiction about my personal and cultural understanding of color. The idea had been stirring in my head for a long time. My earliest essay about color I [...]

STEP 6: Accident

The second blue quilt was meant to be simple. I set specific, easy guidelines in order to piece it quickly and with a minimum of fuss. It's that staring process, the decision-making at every cut and sewn seam. This color or that one, this way or that, rearrange and rethink the border? It was meant [...]


NINE YEARS AGO ON MY OLD BLOG I POSTED: 8/8/2010: I woke this morning and realized that I didn't have to run today [I was mostly running every other day until 2012], the weather is perfect, and I've spent my entire summer reading to prepare for the new school year and making jam. The jam [...]