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Five warps made ten woven items last year—however different these may appear, these are pairs: blue warp at bottom with blue and purple weft, two on a green-blue warp, two on orange-gold, two rosy-sage, and the pink and apricot/sage at top from the same warp. Two women held that top one for a long time. A husband contacted me some time after and bought it for his wife’s birthday. “She told me I’d better buy it for her.” “Shawls” ship postage paid for $300.

This is a contact page with a contact form.

If you are interested in my weavings or quilts, this is the place to direct your inquiry. I work only with natural fibers to my own design—cotton (quilts), silk, wool, alpaca, and other natural fibers. Each shawl or quilt, scarf or pieced Christmas stocking is one of a kind. Thank you for reading my words.


A hand-dyed wool shawl still on the loom.
The back (left) and front of a pieced cotton batik baby quilt.

Quilts are 200. for a baby quilt, 1200. to 2500. for an 85″ x 85″ all-cotton batik. Woven merino wool baby blankets and shawls are 200-300pp. My favorite task is weaving a mother-and-baby set on the same warp: baby blanket and mother’s shawl. I have several woven shawls and a quilt available for immediate delivery. I am particularly proud to continue a woman’s craft and collaboration with women who dye and spin the wool I use.

Several pure Merino wool baby blankets, shawls, wrap, an scarves.
An incomplete quilt…shown without binding, recently completed “Winterberry.”
About to begin on the loom.