It might seem a modest ambition: to make less harm than good. Some will find it wholly inadequate. How can accomplishment come from merely doing less harm than good? I wonder myself sometimes. Progress is inadequately counted by dollars. Accomplishment is so often measured in influence, in having our way, in strength over others. Humility [...]

Ben Ferencz is the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive: “War makes murderers of decent people. All wars and all people.”

Benjamin Ferencz   On Christmas 1945, Ferencz was honorably discharged from the Army with the rank of Sergeant. He returned to New York, but was recruited only a few weeks later to participate as a prosecutor in the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials in the legal team of Telford Taylor. Taylor appointed him Chief Prosecutor in the [...]


There is a scene early in Grand Canyon (1991) where the car of an immigration lawyer, Mack (played by Kevin Klein) dies in a neighborhood he doesn't know. He calls for a tow, but in the meantime a group of young men begin harassing him. Danny Glover's character, Simon, shows up and calmly begins his job, asking [...]


There is a hedge in front of our house, what we call the "front" because the ocean is too vast to be anyone's backyard. The hedge is mostly salal that grows wild. The local rose, which is thorny and has dark pink flowers the size of quarters, is native too. The cultivar montbrecia, which will pop [...]