I have read Berkeley Wellness Letter for years. In their latest report they applaud the new Canadian dietary recommendations. "Canada has done away with the dairy category altogether (instead including dairy as just one of many sources of “healthy protein foods”) in favor of reminding people that water is the best beverage overall. Its previous [...]

DO AS I SAY, not as I do?

Why is it that I do not feel better when my country is doing it instead of some other country doing it? Isn't that what we are all supposed to have learned in Kindergarten? “ 'A nation that willfully destroys another country’s heritage would be no better than the criminals who have destroyed irreplaceable sites [...]


During our walk yesterday, a wave swept up a hundred yards over the sand and another ten yards into the rocks. This was nothing unusual. We pay attention, so we knew to move higher onshore and are rarely caught. We are particularly careful where there is no place to escape should a wave sweep all [...]


Monica Hesse in the Washington Post has a tongue-in-cheek article about men she's talked to who are afraid to see Little Women alone: "The Little Women Men feel slightly nervous about going to see the movie without a female chaperone, for the same reason that some men have told me they are nervous about attending a [...]