Twenty-five thousand adult flamingo couples are summering in the salt marshes of southern France, the largest number since naturalists began counting them forty-five years ago. Over 60,000 flamingoes total—12,000 babies so far. They are harmless to man and beast, eating only krill, tiny saltwater organisms they filter through their beaks in a system not so [...]


We saw dozens of  small shorebirds bathing in Asbury Creek this morning. They looked like smallish (largish robin-sized) but very fat pigeons. I stood and watched them while Gary moved quietly up to my side and gestured to his pocket where he carried the camera. A neighbor joined us. None of us knew what they [...]


"Never turn your back on the ocean," we were warned as children. Most people think of the "front" of their home as the side facing the street. What we call the front faces the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful view. The hummingbird above—can you see her?—she has her back to me. I was fifty [...]