I discovered yesterday that Tin House is closing after this month's issue. I already knew about Glimmer Train, Shimmer, and the end of Apex except as a publisher of books. These were all excellent publications. The New York Times is only writing about Tin House, because the founding editors are in New York? Sometimes I [...]


The author had my attention from the hilarious introduction to his memoir, Between Panic and Desire. I recognize the world he describes. Unlike his parents, my father never left; it was my grandparents who all divorced, some remarrying, some not. But while he was not yet 6 years old during the Bay of Pigs, I was [...]


Friends tend to express surprise that we still receive DVDs from Netflix. Perhaps "surprise" is not the word I mean. Shocked? Dismayed? Nevertheless (a favorite word), we enjoy movies, the local theater is chilly and has sticky floors, and some films never get here. And then we find them on DVD, sometimes long after they [...]


A message arrived this morning via email with the image above and the headline below: Why Teachers Make the Worst Students As a snarky high school teacher, here’s what I came up with: Teachers don’t make great students. The author offers a list of reasons teachers are bad students and she is pretty much spot [...]


  I read, I realize now, a great many memoirs, beginning with Anne Frank's Diaries and I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Hannah Green [Joanne Greenberg], and right through recent best sellers. An essay on the Brevity blog defends the memoir against accusations of "misery porn." Judging from my recent history, I am on that [...]