TEACHERS & other essentials

https://youtu.be/3y51WWrYodI Nurses, doctors, firefighters, the EMTs who answer calls, ambulance drivers, therapists, technicians, and pharmacists. A local hospital administrator must leave her infant son to ensure medical care is available for the rest of us. Like other essential services, children need education and local teachers are still at work, striving to accomplish what they can [...]


"...she had warts." A local Portland station urges neighbors to check in on one another. A photo shows a group of men standing in the street, spaced well apart, but talking about how they are doing in isolation and making plans to monitor how the neighborhood is managing. I won't pretend this is a silver [...]


I have read Berkeley Wellness Letter for years. In their latest report they applaud the new Canadian dietary recommendations. "Canada has done away with the dairy category altogether (instead including dairy as just one of many sources of “healthy protein foods”) in favor of reminding people that water is the best beverage overall. Its previous [...]


Walking is healthy exercise. Taking time out from your busy life is mentally healthy too. A website recommends planning a 30-minute walk this weekend because "here in the age of binge watching and sedentary smartphones, that we all could stand to move around a bit more." They aren't wrong about that. They have three pieces of [...]


Early in the first episode of season 14 of Silent Witness, a hospital doctor completely loses it as he observes patients in an outdoor lounge smoking dope and cigarettes and drinking beer and soda. He knocks smokes and cans out of their hands, shrieking: "What is the point?!" They will not regain health if they [...]