As a child I hated green olives and blue cheese. Today these two foods are among my favorites. Coffee. And napping—once resisted absolutely. Brushing my teeth. Boredom. I have changed my mind many times and about a lot of things. Sometimes what we love and who we are seem to be at odds. There is [...]



Years ago, long before non-GMO became a common label on foods, before Safeway even had an "Organics" section, and before "gluten-free" became a thing, a junior came to class with an idea for her research paper. "It sounds interesting. They are altering the genes of food," she said about the NPR broadcast she'd listened to [...]

“The Supreme Court traded one injustice for another 74 years later.”

FIGHTING HATE // TEACHING TOLERANCE // SEEKING JUSTICE JUNE 30, 2018 Weekend Read // Issue 86 Fred Korematsu was 23 when he defied the order sending him to an internment camp. He was one of 120,000 Japanese immigrants and Americans detained by the federal government under Executive Order 9066. He fought his case all the [...]

‘Can We Talk About Race?’

I remember when I first understood that “Negro” had gone the way of “colored.” In the late 60s, I walked home from school and explained this to my mother: “Don’t say that word, ‘Negro’. Say ‘black’,” and because we were that kind of family, Mom and I discussed respect for a long time. Years later [...]