STEP 7: Choice

Making choices is exhausting. It is rewarding. It is power but also wearing. Like many things that matter, the creative process pays and pains. Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things to Me contains an essay about Virginia Woolf and uncertainty. The truth about wandering in the dark. In a journal entry of 1915 Woolf wrote: "The [...]


Last month I determined to complete several projects, mostly knitting. I knit a narrow scarf, a huge shawl, a cardigan sweater for my granddaughter, and a washcloth—that last from a horrible but gorgeous cotton linen blend. I would make another washcloth if the yarn were not so stiff and rough that it hurt my hands [...]

PARING DOWN and going out

In our continuing effort to tidy the house, I am following an online series of articles on how to edit and tidy my home. Fifteen days of advice on how to eliminate clutter, and basically sort "stuff" into giveaway, toss, and keep-but-put-away. The process began by suggesting that I have a "monster pile" someplace in [...]