I used to require my college writing students to attend: MFA in Writing Residency Brings Top Writers to Seaside for Nightly Readings in January The Pacific University Master of Fine Arts in Writing program hosts readings by top contemporary writers during its 10-day residency in Seaside. The series offers a rare opportunity to hear these [...]


One day my favorite design teacher, Hazel Koenig, saw me walking to a metals class in the Art Building. She stopped me to ask if I would be willing to help out at a state art education conference. That would have been about 1974. Later, she got me my first teaching job. I thought of [...]


A writer friend of mine who has taught in an MFA program for several years reported that not one of her students had become a "successful" writer by publishing a book. I shared that among students from the two years of my MFA program, only a handful had published books. Of those, most were poets [...]