We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving that I am embarrassed to think of it. I told Tammy on the beach this morning that I didn't feel I deserved such a lovely day. She said, "It's best not to connect the dots." Our drive over was uneventful—good news given forecasts of snow and ice. We walked [...]


We have been enjoying the BBC production of Victoria. At the same time, I am mystified by Americans' obsession with royalty. The radical Chartist Movement is featured in the current Victoria series. It is well to appreciate that what these people asked for should not sound radical to Americans. They were asking for what seems [...]


My husband and I don't do Twitter. I have a Pinterest account, but no one in our family does the other social media. But for nine or ten years, maybe longer, I was on Facebook. I had over 1600 "friends." They are actual friends, family, former students, former classmates, artists and writers. I began phasing [...]