from the news: “I took six rubber bullets, but do you know what didn’t happen to me?” Elizabeth Ferris, a 36-year-old Georgetown University student, told The Washington Post. “No one kneeled on my neck.” Ashley Gary of Minneapolis said: “We’ve been through Jamar Clark, we’ve been through Philando Castile, and there was no justice whatsoever. [...]

a poem

by Michael Meyerhofer FOR AHMAUD ARBERY, AN UNARMED BLACK JOGGER KILLED FOR ALLEGEDLY LOOKING IN THE WINDOW OF A HOUSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION   I was twenty-two, white, in love that day I wasn’t shot for trespassing. It happened nearly two decades ago. We started out in the backseat   of her parents’ oxblood Subaru, heading [...]


Skim milk and new snow, American’s teeth, the inside of most apples, stratus clouds, locker room towels, fleet trucks, bathtubs, coconut flesh, porcelain, chalk, sugar, bleached flour, drawing paper, Jockey shorts, daisy petals—loves me or loves me not?—, picket fences, the whites of their eyes, the fog line beside the highway, and the sign that [...]


We did not see the film The Darkest Hour until recently. I had concerns about the lead, about the film, and particularly about its subject, the much lionized Winston Churchill. It is one of my nightmares to find myself teaching a subject I know little to nothing about, such as the Boer War. Even so, [...]