We need teachers. We need teachers who are not merely well-educated and kind and hard-working. We need teachers who are smarter than most of their students. My original post "WHY YOU DON’T WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER" went up on my previous blog while I was actively teaching in a public high school. I reposted [...]

RLP: Idiot Drivers

Idiot Drivers I drive a small car, my husband’s little red Honda Civic hatchback, and one thing I that makes me crazy is when drivers of giant SUVs come right up behind me and tailgate.  A couple of days ago I was driving home from work and an SUV merged from highway 26 onto highway [...]


Today, a walk creek to creek, a juvenile eagle, meditation on the value of lies, and a little brainstorming to prepare for Monday's writing assignment. The best one is above, the lies below. So brainstorming. Monday's nonfiction writing assignment was a great favorite with my students, the assignment they completed early in the year and [...]


"A man has been arrested after antisemitic abuse was directed towards Jewish children on the London Underground. ... Wearing a cap and hoody, the man is seen in the video threatening a man off-camera after he tries to intervene before a woman in a hijab – Asma Shuweikh – confronts him."—The Guardian The Muslim woman is [...]


The beach is empty when we go out most days. On weekends there are crowds sometimes. Houses owned by people who do not live here sometimes have a dozen or more "guests." The world is more crowded, but it doesn't have to be. I have always supported abortion rights because I believe all children should [...]