Yes, you can have too many books. People who believe this is impossible? Well, that's fine for them. I have thousands of books in my house. My husband has a thousand more of his own. I only read about seventy books a year, plus newspapers online, stories and poetry in journals and, again, online. Sometimes [...]


Sleeping in . . . will not happen. Of course it won't. Tomorrow is Christmas and even though I do not have to provide a holiday meal for anyone, I did make 5 panettones today, plus the stuffed baked potatoes with and without dairy, and the pumpkin custards with and without dairy and refined sugar. [...]


  I read, I realize now, a great many memoirs, beginning with Anne Frank's Diaries and I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Hannah Green [Joanne Greenberg], and right through recent best sellers. An essay on the Brevity blog defends the memoir against accusations of "misery porn." Judging from my recent history, I am on that [...]


The year is not over, but with Hanukkah already past, five days to the beginning of winter, and just over two weeks till 2019, "the season" is closing in. The day before yesterday I wrapped gifts for twenty people. Yes, I am amazed too. We sent out fewer holiday cards, but we did get them [...]


[CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE] Just now, sitting up in bed, I have already updated my progress on Ursula K. Le Guin's last book No Time to Spare. Le Guin ruminates about, among other things such as her cat and overpopulation, the meaning of spare time. Here I have to stop for a moment. Through [...]


[CLICK TITLES TO READ THE ENTIRE POSTS]  An eagle flew by just offshore. Both my husband and I noted that she was flying lower than we had ever seen one of our eagles fly. Gary thought she would hit the water, but she was working hard and stayed in the air. I watched her skim around [...]