On Tuesday, I "won" the National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) challenge by completing fifty thousand words. It needs at least twenty or thirty thousand more words, but I have identified the arc of the story, my two main characters in their parallel experiences, a structure that imposes both tension and order, and some sort of [...]


NINE YEARS AGO ON MY OLD BLOG I POSTED: 8/8/2010: I woke this morning and realized that I didn't have to run today [I was mostly running every other day until 2012], the weather is perfect, and I've spent my entire summer reading to prepare for the new school year and making jam. The jam [...]


Linking to an article about "lawnmower parents" triggered an interesting discussion on my Facebook page. Some were defensive about "rescuing" or failing to "rescue" children. Others pointed out that some children genuinely need more guidance than others due to disabilities and disadvantages that may not even be visible. As a private and public school teacher, [...]