Today is halfway through 2020 and it's a good place to pause and take stock. For many human beings this has already been a tragic year on so many levels, so I feel I need to access my situation. We are both retired so we're doing fine as far as finances go. That is, unlike [...]


All persons in my county must be masked when visiting any indoor public space, beginning 1 July 2020. The county itself requested this. As a friend said to me on the phone: we're a tourist economy and people come here from everywhere. We need some protection. from NPR "Masks And The Outdoor Exerciser: Advice For Runners, [...]


  My feet are still up instead of walking for a couple more days, Jeanie Tomalek's painting has been lost by the UPS since 19 May, the Russian doll and the CD from Estonia are still somewhere between there and here even though the Atlantic is not so big as the Pacific Ocean, Butterfly Fontanelle [...]


My tomato seedlings are growing their second set of true leaves, a sprouted mango pit needs to be put into soil, and the other night I dreamt about a former student, the only student I've ever had who I would still have said I disliked. Despite some unpleasantness with those who wanted grades rather than [...]


The students in the high school where I taught are taking classes remotely. It seems like most people are doing things remotely these days, attending poetry readings, visiting with family, working. Some businesses have already announced permanent changes. They are closing, or intend to allow employees to continue working at a distance if they prefer. [...]


There are eagles in the sky most days. All that beauty in the air. I pulled out my weaving: merino baby blankets, shawls, and lap-robes out of the tansu chest and stacked them up in a chair. Twenty-three—I turned the photo sideways so they would fit my screen. More than half these soft things have [...]

assignment #4 revision: Idyll

Hello. Before the revision strategy, a confession. I have been in a bit of a muddle lately. I "turned off" the news two days ago—tossed the email updates unread, and stopped checking news sources online or Johns Hopkins statistics. I think it did me some good to take a break. For example, I noticed I'd [...]