There are beautiful and interesting places all over the world. This is mine.

So yes, I am going. I am going to the national conference today, just for a few hours. Originally, because it is in Portland and has not been here in ages and because I know many people who will be attending and serving on panels (though specifics were hard to come by unless an individual posted them) and because, you know, I realize I should go, I was going for three days. Then I thought we would dive in twice, over the Coast Range and through the woods, but no.

The truth is that conferences overwhelm me. I am always glad once there, but . . .

It was two of our grandchildren who drove over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. They arrived in time to keep me home for all but one day. (And I will not post photos I did not take, but it was a really wonderful visit. We played Uno and made jewelry out of shells found on the beach, and I made waffles.)

The Burnside Bridge is down for repairs and Gary had planned to drive that way. We disagreed about how far the Oregon Convention Center is from Powell’s City of Books (no one should miss that). Gary thought it was miles, I thought it was closer. Google Maps suggests a 26-minute walk, 1.2 miles. I will wear my walking shoes just to get around the convention center. I used to take students to Powell’s on unofficial field trips.

So today. I hope to finally meet Allison Williams in person, and to visit with Bette Husted and Molly Gloss, and why didn’t I email Felicity? Jeannette will be busy and I have not heard from others. This is the disadvantage of leaving Facebook last month.


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